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Our Story

TIME and The Moose Lodge #171 have teamed up to transform this historic building into The Milton Community Center with the goal to provide an inclusive and active Center to the heart of Downtown Milton, PA. 

The Improved Milton Experience (TIME) is a nonprofit corporation focused on community revitalization and economic development. It seeks to act as a catalyst to instill pride and a positive image for Milton, PA while building from the best of its past, present, and future. We envision a community that is clean, safe, historically significant, and architecturally interesting. We want to engage as many community members, businesses, and organizations as possible in this common interest and shared goal.

The Moose Lodge, also known as the Loyal Order of the Moose, is a fraternal and service organization. It is a community-driven organization that focuses on caring for children, seniors, and local communities.

The historic Moose building at 139 South Front Street, Milton has been the hub for Moose Lodge #171 since 1910 and TIME offices for over twenty years. The building has undergone significant renovations over the last decade. Both organizations had something in common- to improve the lives of others. As a result, they embarked on a partnership that would transform the buildings bowling alleys and other underutilized areas into spaces more beneficial to the community.

On September 16, 2023 a new sign was added to the facade of the building- Milton Community Center. In addition to the Moose Lodge, you can now find many attractions inside the building such as The Milton Model Train Museum, Chef’s Place, Milton MakerSpace, and The Jungle Teen Center. A newly installed elevator makes getting around to visit all four floors easy and accessible to all.

TIME and Moose Lodge #171 have worked closely together to create a fresh vision for this notable building. That includes community outreach programs for children, teens and families. The Milton Community Center hosts STEAM-focused programs for children in grades K-5, recreational opportunities and MakerSpace programs for grades 6-12, and special family events for all ages. Come, grow with us!

Bucknell University MORS 400 Management Consulting students with
Milton Community Center leadership.

Built for the Community, By the Community


In the Fall of 2023, The Improved Milton Experience worked hand-in-hand with Bucknell Management Consulting students to delve into a strategic plan for the newly established Milton Community Center. The plan embraced all of the entities that make-up the Center including Moose Lodge #171. We worked through marketing strategies, programming initiatives, and fundraising ideas. While also working to mitigate obstacles. The students used a continuous change model; meaning they approached our planning with the mind-set that there is one constant and that is people and business are ever-changing.

TIME is collaborating with the Bucknell University Small Business Development Center (SBDC) to create "StartUp Milton" - to launch in 2024. This community-based business incubator will build on the successful models of StartUp Lewisburg and StartUp Danville, and will help entrepreneurs startup in downtown Milton!

Bucknell’s StartUp Business Incubators are homes for innovators led by the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) in partnership with local community organizations. They connect rural entrepreneurs with resources - and each other! Member businesses have access to office space, conference rooms, on-site SBDC consulting services, and opportunities to collaborate with university students, faculty and staff.

For more information visit: StartUp Incubators (

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